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A+ Homeschool Planner: Plan, Record, and Celebrate Each Child's Progress

The A+ Homeschool Planner is your all-in-one teaching companion to plan, record, and celebrate your progress for a successful year of homeschooling.

Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to teach what you want, the way you want. From big picture goals to day-to-day lessons, The A+ Homeschool Planner helps you figure out and keep track of what a great homeschool year looks like for your family.

Whatever the lesson is, this handy homeschool planner maps out how your education goals develop over the months, weeks, and days of the school year. With space to record grades and observations, The A+ Homeschool Planner allows you to plan and evaluate your children's growth and progress.

Suitable to a variety of planning preferences, this homeschool planner will help you manage your home classroom with:

Homeschool lesson plans for up to 6 children including calendars for mapping out over the days, weeks, and months of the school year

Dedicated space for recording weekly grades and attendance from the beginning of the homeschool year to the end to meet state regulations

Motivational quotes and tips on homeschool that provide inspiration to teach and insight on how to best balance your home and school life

Design homeschool lessons according to your family's values and learning style. The A+ Homeschool Planner keeps you focused on the lessons that matter most to your family.


ITEMA+ Homeschool Planner: Plan, Record, and Celebrate Each Child's Progress
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A+ Homeschool Planner: Plan, Record, and Celebrate Each Child's Progress

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