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Teen Grief: Caring for the Grieving Teenage Heart (Faith-based)

Teens are hurting. 
While trying to make sense of an increasingly confusing and troubled world, teens get hit, again and again, with moves, separations, divorces, rejections, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, illness, disability, and death. 
Edgy, fun-loving, tech-driven, and seemingly indestructible, their souls are shaking. Gnawing questions surface from deep inside: "How did this happen? Why me? Is this my fault? What am I supposed to do? Who's next? Am I going to make it?" 
Teen hearts are at stake. Each one is a priceless treasure. We can't afford to allow pain and loss to get the better of them. 
What can we do? 
Award-winning author and grief counselor Gary Roe wrote Teen Grief at the request of parents, teachers, coaches, and school counselors. Born of personal experience and more than three decades of interacting with grieving teens, this informative, practical handbook is replete with guidance, insight, and ideas for helping teens navigate the turbulent waters of loss. Though Teen Grief primarily focuses on losses due to death, the principles discussed can be applied to any loss a teen might be experiencing. 
Teens are the future. If we can help them discover how to turn losses into gains and transform hardship into something productive, positive, and good, the ripple effects could be extraordinary. As they heal and grow, they can become the difference-makers this world so desperately needs. 
Teens are hurting. They need us. They need you. It's time to help them heal.

ITEMTeen Grief: Caring for the Grieving Teenage Heart (Faith-based)
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Teen Grief: Caring for the Grieving Teenage Heart (Faith-based)

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