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7 Continents: Asia, Grades 4-6+ (geography, cultures, resources)

Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of Asia!

The 7 Continents: Asia helps students learn about Asia through engaging reading and writing activities.

Five geography units cover the following standards-based topics:

Section 1: Asia in the World
Introduces students to the location of Asia in the world.

Asia's Relative Location

Asia's Hemispheres

Asia's Absolute Location

Using a Projection Map

Section 2: Political Divisions of Asia
Introduces students to the six regions and 50 countries of Asia.

Population of Asia

Countries of Asia

Largest Countries by Area

Largest Countries by Population

Southwest Asia

South Asia

Central Asia

North Asia

East Asia

Southeast Asia

Largest Cities of Asia

Section 3: Physical Features of Asia
Students learn about the landforms and bodies of water of Asia.

Asia's Landscape

The Himalayas

Trek to the Summit of Everest

The Indian Subcontinent

The Arabian and Gobi Deserts

Siberia's Landforms

Japan's Islands

Asia's Tropical Rainforests

Asia's Bodies of Water

Asia's Inland Seas and Lakes

Important Rivers of Asia

Section 4: Valuable Resources of Asia
Students learn about the various natural resources of Asia.

Oil Production in Asia

China's Coal Energy

Fishing in Asia

Rice: An Asia Staple

Asia's Forests

Amazing Wildlife of Asia

Tigers of Asia

Working Animals

Section 5: Asian Culture
Introduces students to the architecture, education, arts, beliefs, and traditions of Asia.

Tourist Attractions

Arts and Entertainment

Major Religions of Asia

Education of Asia

Asian Cuisine


This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

ITEM7 Continents: Asia, Grades 4-6+ (geography, cultures, resources)
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7 Continents: Asia, Grades 4-6+ (geography, cultures, resources)

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