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A Reason for Science Level E Teacher and Student Set (faith-based hands on)

Set Includes: 1 Science Level E Student Worktext and 1 Science Level E Teacher Guidebook

 The full-color, 36-lesson, student workbook is designed to develop critical thinking skills; each week, students begin with a hands-on activity demonstrating a key science concept, which is followed by discussion, journaling & comprehension questions, summary, and related scriptural object lesson. Each hands-on activity has step-by-step directions and is accompanied by illustrations for each step.

The teacher's guide contains an overview of the course, as well as lesson-notes that surround reduced student pages. Instruction includes noting general categories; specific topic focus; objective, overview, additional comments, options for alternative procedures, teacher-to-teacher notes, direct instruction with some scripting, field trip & guest speaker ideas, answers, and other important teaching information.

Life Science topics include the life cycle of yeast, explore one aspect of a life cycle, how plants respond to their environment, how water moves through plants, reproduction by dissecting a flower, explore how materials cross membranes, how an image is created in your eye, how the brain and eyes work together and how our joints function.

Physical Science topics include structure of molecules, how water molecules behave, space inside matter, gravity, how inertia relates to moving objects, how “center of gravity” affects motion, air pressure and lift, how structural changes increase strength, operation of a pulley.  To explore the characteristics of waves, characteristic of light, how sound travels, how a compass works, explore the movement of electrons, the formation of crystals, chemical reaction, how a lens affects light, how indicators show changes

Earth Science topics include what causes air pressure, different states of water, one way glaciers affect Earth’s surface, why deserts mostly occur on one side of mountains, the properties of an Earth material, how Earth forces change materials, how convection currents create circulation, explore Earth’s spin

ITEMA Reason for Science Level E Teacher and Student Set (faith-based hands on)
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A Reason for Science Level E Teacher and Student Set (faith-based hands on)

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