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A Reason For Science Level D Complete Pack (faith-based, hands-on)

A Reason For® Science teaches basic Life, Earth, and Physical Science through fun, hands-on activities and also features Scripture Object Lessons.

 The full-color, 36-lesson, student workbook is designed to develop critical thinking skills; each week, students begin with a hands-on activity demonstrating a key science concept, which is followed by discussion, journaling & comprehension questions, summary, and related scriptural object lesson. Each hands-on activity has step-by-step directions and is accompanied by illustrations for each step.

The teacher's guide contains an overview of the course, as well as lesson-notes that surround reduced student pages. Instruction includes noting general categories; specific topic focus; objective, overview, additional comments, options for alternative procedures, teacher-to-teacher notes, direct instruction with some scripting, field trip & guest speaker ideas, answers, and other important teaching information. 

 Life Science topics include growth in plants, how characteristics are used for identification, how a bird’s feathers repel water, explore the predator/prey relationship, images as a scientific tool, how water affects spoilage, the sense of touch, the nervous system, the major bones of the body.

Physical Science topics include changes in matter and forces, water molecule attraction, air as a form of matter, how gravity works, intertia and movement, how torque can change the direction of force, how things float, how forces can be moved and forces allow flight, parts and functions of waves, properties of light, how lenses affect images, how sound is made, static electricity, endothermic and exothermic change, how an acid or base affects an indicator.

Earth Science topics include air pressure as a force, effects of air pressure, how air pressure is measured, physical changes in water, sedimentary rock, core sampling, volcanoes, fossilization, how groundwater forms cave formations

Material Kits contain essential supplies for the entire school year. But hands-on activities by themselves are not enough. To truly master a concept, students must have "minds-on" experiences as well! This means actively engaging the material through a variety of activities such as discussion, problem solving, and journaling. 

Homeschool Pack includes: Student Worktext, Teacher Guidebook, and Materials Kit.

Level D - Gr 4    

Extra Student Worktext sold separately  

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

ITEMA Reason For Science Level D Complete Pack (faith-based, hands-on)
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A Reason For Science Level D Complete Pack (faith-based, hands-on)

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