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Periodyx Game (periodic table, chemistry, BC7, BC8, BC9)

Have fun with the elements! Periodyx is fun, but the superstars of this game are the 118 element cards. The more you play with the PERIODYX™ game cards; the more you'll know about the elements.  And the more you know, the more you'll appreciate and enjoy the periodic table of the elements.

Players battle against each other for the highest element, gases, boiling point and more to build the periodic table.

Each of the Element Cards includes an element from the periodic table along with copious facts, including name, atomic number, abbreviation, phase at room temperature, element classification, date discovered, atomic weight, density, melting and boiling points, and more, along with how many protons and neutrons each element has, and information on where it is found on Earth or how it is used.

The cards also include symbols and color bars that allow you to make up the entire periodic table.

ITEMPeriodyx Game (periodic table, chemistry, BC7, BC8, BC9)
Grade 5
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Grade 7
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Periodyx Game (periodic table, chemistry, BC7, BC8, BC9)

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