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Addition Timed Facts, S&S Grades 1-3

Strengthen students' speed and accuracy on their addition facts. Each drill page concentrates on a specific area. In addition fact recall, building students' skills as they progress from the easiest level to the most difficult. Each level has a daily practice page, a home practice page, an extra practice page and a review test page. 40+ reproducible drill worksheets. The extra practice drill sheet is to be used with students still having difficulty recalling facts quickly and accurately. It is a different approach to the timed drill method. This requires the student to complete the fact with its missing number. This different approach helps the students remember the facts more quickly. Supports Common Core Standards for Mathematics Gr. 1-3. 48 pages

ITEMAddition Timed Facts, S&S Grades 1-3
Grade 2
Grade 3
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Addition Timed Facts, S&S Grades 1-3

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