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Adventures in Raspberry Pi (BC7) programming concepts

Makes learning to program fun and easy with 10 super-cool projects

Even if you've never had a lick of programing experience, or you aren't even sure what it's really all about, with Adventures in Raspberry Pi, you'll quickly and easily absorb programming concepts and skills that will take you far. You'll build skill on skill as you create stories and games, program shapes, code music, and even build whole Minecraft worlds. High school teacher Carrie Anne Philbin guides you each step of the way with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and explanations. Each project is accompanied by an entertaining instructional video, available on a companion website.

Updated for the latest Raspberry Pi version and featuring even more projects than previous editions, this edition of the internationally bestselling guide shows you everything you need to:

Get started with your Raspberry Pi

Write your first programs in the Scratch and Python(R) programming languages

Draw shapes and designs with Turtle Graphics

Use cool developer tools such as Minecraft(R) Pi and Sonic Pi v2.0

Interact with and create transporters in a Minecraft world

Compose and play electronic music

Design and create your own role-playing game

Learn basic electronics, starting with a marshmallow-powered button

Build a Raspberry Pi jukebox

Experiment with accessories like the Picamera or SenseHAT


ITEMAdventures in Raspberry Pi (BC7) programming concepts
Grade 7
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Adventures in Raspberry Pi (BC7) programming concepts

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