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50 Years with Autism: A Mother and Advocate .......

50 Years with Autism: A Mother and Advocate Looks Back on the Personal and Social Challenges of an Autistic Disability By Irene Slovak Kleiner, Edward C. Kleiner

In this provocative and emotionally compelling memoir, the mother of an autistic boy in the 1950s watches her son grow up to be a man. Along the way, they face helpless professionals, recalcitrant schools, duplicitous authorities, ignorant bystanders, school bullies, and their own doubts and fears. But they also find help and humanity, among strangers, friends, teachers, and in themselves, that makes it possible to achieve their goal: for an autistic boy to grow up to be a capable adult, living independently, not a burden to anyone, but a contributor to society. Anyone who cares about the disabled-and who recognizes their need to become independent-will find this book impossible to put down.

ITEM50 Years with Autism: A Mother and Advocate .......
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50 Years with Autism: A Mother and Advocate .......

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