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SOS Switched On Schoolhouse Grade 11 Complete Set

Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade 5-Subject Set conveniently combines the five core subjects of Bible, History/Geography, Science, Language Arts and Math into one cost-saving set. This computer based curriculum contains engaging lessons, quizzes, and tests to build knowledge in an interactive learning environment.  Exciting multimedia tools like eye-catching video clips, educational games, and customizable homepage features captures your student's interest.  Plus, time-saving administrative and record keeping tools like automatic lesson planning, calendar scheduling, and grading are included to streamline your homeschooling day. 

NOT compatible with MAC

If you are looking for individual subjects then please give us a call at 1-800-276-0078 


ITEMSOS Switched On Schoolhouse Grade 11 Complete Set
GRADESGrade 11
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SOS Switched On Schoolhouse Grade 11 Complete Set

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