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Bzzz Oink Bingo Game (Noggin) (Gift Ideas)

The game is a Noggin Playground sight and sound matching game for preschool kids. It’s time to make noise and have some fun, all while developing listening skills! In this bingo game, kids have to focus as they listen for sounds that match the pictures on their bingo boards. With some pictures appearing more than once, kids need to use their critical thinking skills to determine the best spot on the board to place their chips to win! The combination of listening and looking is a great way to help children focus on a task, and they have fun hearing silly sounds! Includes eight two-sided bingo boards for beginner and advanced play!

ITEMBzzz Oink Bingo Game (Noggin) (Gift Ideas)
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Bzzz Oink Bingo Game (Noggin) (Gift Ideas)

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