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Animal Trivia Challenge Game (animals)

"Which bird eats with its head upside down?" "Can you tell a Seal from a Sea Lion?" "Which animals are the most poisonous?"

Players build their animal knowledge through three types of stimulating challenge cards—432 questions in all! Each card is double-sided with an advanced question on one side and a beginner on the other.

Players choose a level to play throughout, which helps keep an even playing field when different ages are playing against each other. Each card represents a different color and corresponds to the spaces on the board.

"Know It" cards have multiple choice and true/false questions.

"Name It" cards require players to identify the animal in the picture shown.

"Rank It" cards challenge players to put a list of animals in order based on criteria like size, speed and strength.

Each correct answer earns a survival token—but there's a twist. Tokens are worth various point values and players keep in secret how many points they have accumulated until the end of the game!

Explore your way around the board but watch out for predators, fire, poisonous berries, and quicksand! The winner of the game is the player with the highest point value overall. From family pets to ferocious predators.

Includes 216 cards, die, 50 survival tokens, token bag and 4 animal pawns

Discover the world's animals with this game the whole family will love! 

ITEMAnimal Trivia Challenge Game (animals)
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Animal Trivia Challenge Game (animals)

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