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Warriors: The Greatest Fighters in History

Learn about the greatest warriors of all time!

The first title in the new Scholastic Photo Collections series is a feast of cool stuff. Explore collections of weapons, armor, uniforms, medals, everyday equipment, and much more. Find out what these objects can show us about battle tactics, key moments in history, and life as a soldier.

Meet the most famous warriors of all time. What weapons did ancient Spartan warriors use? How heavy was a knight’s armor? What equipment did Civil War soldiers rely on? Who were the first warriors to take to the skies? What hi-tech kit gives today’s pilots the edge?

Scholastic Photo Collections use hundreds of images along with fact-packed infographics and expert text to present important and unique information that holds kids’ attention and appeals to their desire to collect amazing facts.

ITEMWarriors: The Greatest Fighters in History
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Warriors: The Greatest Fighters in History

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