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Easy Daysies Teacher/Classroom Routine (while supplies last)

Developed by mom/teacher Elaine Comeau
It is finally here! Teachers no longer have to make their visual daily routine out of laminated paper! These kits are designed specifically for classroom use. Images are simple enough for non-readers of any age to confidently understand their day. Slap them on a magnetic white board or use in a pocket chart! Individual magnets are 8 inches by 2.5 inches in size for easy viewing from a distance.

Intended for Grade 1-7 classrooms. Magnets in this kit: Science, Art, Lunch, Silent Reading, Writing, Gym, Social Studies, Math, Field Trip, Snack/Recess, Assembly, Special Guest, Library, Music, Clean Up, and three blank magnets for you to personalize your classroom routine. (Reminder: Use a dry erase marker when writing on magnets.)


ITEMEasy Daysies Teacher/Classroom Routine (while supplies last)
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Easy Daysies Teacher/Classroom Routine (while supplies last)

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